• Home care needs of extremely obese elderly european women 

      Sørbye, Liv Wergeland; Schroll, M.; Finne-Soveri, H.; Jónnson, P. V.; Ljunggren, G.; Topinkova, E.; Bernabei, R. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2007-06)
      Objective: To examine the health and needs of extremely obese women aged over 65 years receiving home care in Europe. Study design: A cross-sectional assessment study based on the Aged in Home Care (AdHOC) project recruited ...
    • Nord RAI Network and research in the care of older persons. Final Report 1998 - 2008 

      Finne-Soveri, Harriet; Noro, Anja; Jonsson, Palmi V.; Ljunggren, Gunnar; Grue, Else Vengnes; Jensdottir, Anne Birna; Björkgren, Magnus; Lindman, Kaija; Schroll, Marianne; Sørbye, Liv Wergeland (Research report, 2008)