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VID vitenskapelige høgskole [3662]
  • Patients' experiences with a welfare technology application for remote home care: A longitudinal study 

    Oelschlägel, Lina; Christensen, Vivi Lycke; Moen, Anne; Heggdal, Kristin; Österlind, Jane; Dihle, Alfhild; Steindal, Simen Alexander (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Aims and Objectives: To explore the longitudinal experiences using an application named remote home care for remote palliative care among patients with cancer living at home. Background: Introducing welfare technology ...
  • State of the art of audio- and video based solutions for AAL 

    Aleksic, Slavisa; Atanasov, Michael; Calleja Agius, Jean; Camilleri, Kenneth; Čartolovni, , Anto; Climent-Pérez, Pau; Colantonio, Sara; Cristina, Stefania; Despotovic, Vladimir; Kemal Ekenel, , Hazım; Erakin, Ekrem; Florez-Revuelta, , Francisco; Germanese, Danila; Grech, Nicole; Gróa Sigurðardóttir, , Steinunn; Emirzeoğlu, Murat; Iliev, , Ivo; Jovanovic, Mladjan; Kampel, Martin; Kearns, William; Klimczuk, Andrzej; Lambrinos, Lambros; Lumetzberger, Jennifer; Mucha, Wiktor; Noiret, Sophie; Pajalic, Zada; Rodriguez Pérez, Rodrigo; Petrova, , Galidiya; Petrovica, Sintija; Pocta, Peter; Poli, Angelica; Pudane, Mara; Spinsante, Susanna; Ali Salah, Albert; Jose Santofimia, Maria; Sigríður Islind, , Anna; Stoicu-Tivadar, , Lacramioara; Tellioğlu, Hilda; Zgank, Andrej (Research report, 2022)
    It is a matter of fact that Europe is facing more and more crucial challenges regarding health and social care due to the demographic change and the current economic context. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has stressed this ...
  • Instruments to identify symptoms of paternal depression during pregnancy and the first postpartum year: A systematic scoping review 

    Berg, Rigmor; Solberg, Beate; Glavin, Kari; Olsvold, Nina (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Men often experience depressive symptoms during the transition to parenthood, but there is a lack of synthesized knowledge of instruments used to identify such symptoms. The aim of this scoping review was to identify ...
  • Norwegian cross-cultural adaptation of the social and communities opportunities profile-mini for persons with concurrent mental health and substance use disorders. 

    Leonhardt, Marja; Kyrdalen, Ellen; Holstad, Atle; Solbakken, Heidi Hurlen; Chiu, Marcus YL; Lien, Lars (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Persons with concurrent mental health and substance use disorders often do not participate actively in society and remain marginalized. The promotion of social inclusion is important for the care of persons with concurrent ...
  • Collaboration between nurses and doctors in the decision-making process when considering ending the life-prolonging treatment of intensive care patients 

    Gjessing, Kristine; Steindal, Simen Alexander; Kvande, Monica Evelyn (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Aims: The aim of the study was to explore intensive care nurses’ collaboration with doctors’ when considering ending the life-prolonging treatment of patients in the intensive care unit. Design: A qualitative method with ...

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